Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whom is the "silly woman" that the man most want be married to?

A woman pure heart, coupled with the wisdom of wise women, and this is the second class of "silly" women. Popular of these women is simple and smart place. In the men's eyes, this woman is that she will be smart to silly to ask a man always love their own problems. Clever is not exactly a woman because she trusted a man can really love her, do not get her to consider the sufferings of their own lives.
First Class: Women love to play the fool the wise completely
Intention to play the fool in her care that the man would be "silly" women. Because she is a smart woman, so she knew to fight for his love and pursuit.
This woman listening to some terrible, but I do not think necessary. Because she is always smart from the love of your performance. Therefore, to love her is her more "dumb" power.
The second category: a silly woman do not really smart
Smart because they do not show up until the woman simply view the world. Also emerged when a man love. So silly because there is no intelligent woman would also become the IQ of most men's fashion demand.
But the fashion go fashion, and ultimately not love, it is best let go of such a simple group. Because they retain the most beautiful fairy tale. Like the fairy tale princess. Simple and transparent people love and affection!

Female's best character in man's heart

"Female Body is hard work, loyalty, understanding, the other with gentleness, wisdom, brains, good heart is the beauty of women."
"Women must have the strength of character, the only way to better face from life, work pressure and challenges in all aspects." - Eric, France European satellite company employees
"Women's most valuable quality is sincere and polite, optimistic, cheerful. If a woman is often smiling, and will be happy to pass it around, and that she is beautiful."
"In the eyes of the designer, the most modern women should have the courage of spirit, that is to be brave to show their own characteristics, its own beauty."
"Women are the most precious thing, that is, they are the most beautiful quality is that they continue their lives as human beings, at their own suffer." - Life Care workers in the United States Brian Gurley Goldstein
"Women of the United States mainly in character and accomplishment, I like the gentle, lively and cheerful girl. She may not be very smart, but it must be considerate, independent personality, have their own ideas." - General Company of Japan Staff Kudo Macros

Why women like hidden pin money?

Evolution in the absence of a matriarchal society, before the phenomenon of women possession of their own money can not change the moment I'm afraid, especially the more developed economic activities or areas of lower status of women would be particularly obvious. A survey shows that an average of 20% of women have "everything he knows," the habit. 38% of Japanese women admitted possession of their own money, which in many countries is under investigation the highest proportion, contrast, French women are the most "honest" and only 7.2% only.
The reason is, first, the more men in business rise, business opportunities in the environment, their "social male hormone" in the "wild success" genes will be more developed, they often carried away to joke: "I did not get married today" , suggesting that the flowers can be Fun, inevitably bring all kinds of shadows for the marriage. "My husband would leave at any time," the impression is ready for his revenge Heart posterior or woman, to pre-emptive --- accumulate their own money. Also like to take this from the "truss" A man's pocket to prevent a man casually loose "belt", which all women are nothing more than due to the insecurity of marriage.
Followed by "a woman to love yourself more," the overwhelming demand, leading to women even with the self-sufficiency, we must continue to have too many pockets to store their only comfort. Moreover, in the woman's mindset, if a man interested in possession of their own money, then it most certainly is "Jinwucangjiao" to another woman to splurge. At this point, "finds no" husband, the wife of one more layer of skin peeled off first, so that fertilizer off outsiders.

Husband's character can affect wife's looks

Broad-minded and not easily angry husband, wife, able to cover accommodation, so that his wife enjoy full freedom. Have such a husband, wife would skin smooth and delicate, long pimples and spots is not easy, not easy to aging, often radiant.
Introverted, taciturn and narrow-minded husband, little say in what his wife and lack of care, most of them will be unhappy wife, rough skin, but also easy to long pimples.
Rude, grumpy, no thoughtful man, machine easily jealous, quick to blame the wife's husband, who tend to their wives melasma skin, and dark, dull, easy to aging, hair white.
Like whoring, and often an excuse not to go home, but sometimes it will stay at home wife happy, business dinners and performed in a very loving husband and wife, their wives easy to skin and muscle relaxation, eye wrinkle prone to crushing, but the body is not Well, people are easy to thin aging.

Wife must know how to show the white feather to husband

Famous Russian psychologist Taza Petrova has said there are many misconceptions of women to men, such as men should take the initiative; men like outspoken and forthright woman; the worse you are a man, he the better for you.
In fact the contrary, some childhood husband and wife, married to gradually change its appearance. Because a little small, the couple quarreling, so women are no longer the most sad is the husband in every possible way of their love.
Armed Police General Hospital, Institute of Psychology, Dr. Yuan Hong reminder, no matter what a woman of character, weakness in the family should be timely, so that her husband will move to eliminate the barriers. Stubborn woman: their dignity seeking foreign aid in Case 1. An elegant marriage no more than a year lived. Originally, an elegant marriage of a woman burst is due to the intervention. Know this fact from that day on, she has maintained an attitude - rather break than bend.
Vogue can get the ultimate man's confession: I'm sorry you, I know you're strong, you weak than her, she need me more than you. Vogue is so sad, until the divorce, he does not know her, she is seemingly strong, the heart is also very fragile.

Overcome thw interpersonal unhealthy psychology

Every moment we are not engaged in the interaction between people, I believe that interpersonal pleasure is everyone's desire. But the desire is always good, in reality, there will always be some tension state contacts, and even the psychological development of interpersonal communication barriers, a look at the following:
This is the interpersonal psychology in a bad quality, can be said that the tree of friendship, loss insects. As the British philosopher Francis Bacon said: "suspicious of the heart as bats, it is always off in the evening. This is the fans fall into the mood, but also the mental disorder of people. It makes you feel lost, confused friend and foe, thereby undermining the people's business. "psychology has a suspicious person, often the first people in the subjective set of their discontent, and then looking for evidence of life. With the psychological expense of others, must be imposed to the fact that out of nothing, even the goodwill of others misinterpreted as malicious. This is a narrow, one-sided, the lack of imagination based on a blind.
Spanish writer race Vance said: "jealous of all those who are always observed with a telescope, a telescope, small objects become larger, shorter people into a giant, doubt become a reality." Jealousy is associated with their own, but better than themselves as a dissatisfied and unhappy, lost, hated, and even with the risk of a destructive emotion, is through comparing themselves with others, arising from a negative state of mind. When you see a link with the people they have achieved superior than their position or results will produce a hate psychology; when facing each other or into a disaster, to standing on the sidelines, and rejoiced; even with lies, slander, making things difficult make trouble for other means to belittle others, to comfort themselves.

What kind of man's lies is the most easily believed by woman?

When a woman loves a man, he kind of lies quietly, like the invisible carrot, you waiting to no avail, and as addictive as opium, people reluctant to leave.
One girl said: "in love with a married man so people do nothing!", Particularly the men who love to lie, their lies can not be compared with the women.
Woman to lie to say that the truth is different from the married man's sweet talk, which is their survival in the field of weapons intelligence, like a lever, like the needle, like a bayonet-like plunge into the heart, all-pervasive, highly lethal.
When a woman loves a man, the most desire is his only her. But if unfortunately ran into a married man or a man bother radish, the mood will be extremely uneven: Shihai obviously talked and laughed with him, and he is also caring for their pay, only to break up until the moment feel especially awkward; always felt themselves to be but one of his younger, and he does not think of myself as lover, but the gap in the chat flashing everywhere and ambiguous.